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“A life not lived for others is not a life at all”-Mother Theresa

God always want to give to people and provide help for people;when He can achieve that through us, what a priviledge and honour to partner with God!
He who gives to those in need is lending to God and God is not a debtor.
Resources in the hands of a person with a “giving” heart is an offensive weapon the enemy is afraid of. Why? Because the enemy wants people and the Church, hungry, broke and unable to meet basic needs and so, when God can find a man or woman who has a heart for the hungry, the needy and the Church; then the resources in the hands of that one becomes a weapon to shame the enemy and lift up the hungry, needy and the Church. 

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For the “giver”, this is how to be RICH TOWARDS GOD(to be committed to “giving” to people in need and to the Church); and Bible declares that to be rich towards God is better than saving your resources…Woe to those who store up things for themselves and are not rich towards God(Luke 12:21). 
This is also what the Bible meant by STORING UP TREASURE IN HEAVEN rather than storing up your earthly treasure. To store up treasure in Heaven is about “giving” to people in need and to the Church. Hence, how rich you are is not a measure of how much you have in your earthly bank account but how much you have given to people in need and to the Church(Luke 12:15, Matt 25:31-45)

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